Did the Repubicans in Washington See Their Shadows?

February/13/2011 16:34PM
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I’m convinced, the Republicans in Washington are like groundhogs. They are waiting for spring to come out. So far, it’s been just chatter.

Last week Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner all but demanded
that Congress raise the debt ceiling and push our nation
further and further into debt. Geithner said, “Congress
will act as it always had” and even called any opposition
to raising the debt ceiling nothing more than “political

But isn’t that the problem? Haven’t we had enough of Congress
“acting as it always had”?

Did you vote for Tim Geithner?  

Paul Ryan, the man with the big plan says they can’t get to the $100 million in cuts. He says too much of the fiscal year has passed to meet that goal. Rand Paul put forth a plan to cut $500 million, in the fiscal year. Rand didn’t use a scalpel, nor a axe, he used the plan used by Jack Welch, known at Neutron Jack, all the people disappear, just the buildings stand. Rand’s plan sounds like one the voters would support.

He would:
Roll back almost all federal spending to 2008 levels.
He would cut $42 billion from departments of agriculture and transportation(each)
From housing and urban development and the department of energy, $50 billion each
He would remove education for the federal government, saving $80 billion
Add to that cuts from health can human services, homeland security and other agencies and he gets to $500 billion

Rand seems on the right track. Maybe he saw his shadow, or remembered his promise to his voters.

The Republicans are mute on Freddie and Fannie and going to wait for the administration to make their proposal. That should be rich. The foxes are eating the hens then setting the hen house on fire.

It seems the only thing the “big hat, no cattle” Republicans have done since January is to have the house make a token vote to repeal ObamaCare. Good job, guys. This is enough to make John Boehner cry.

They did give us, Reince Priebus, new RNC Chairman. I’m sorry, but I can’t read that name or see that man’s picture without laughing.

They don’t do anything to make the news, even Fox News. At least we can excuse Congressman Chris Lee(R) NY, who was very busy sending shirtless pictures of himself to a woman on Craigslist. Lee resigned.

Why leave that nice warm den until spring. Six more weeks before we see anything of substance from this bunch. Leadership void, you say? Wasn’t a problem for Pelosi and Reid.

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