A Marriage Made in Hell

February/12/2011 22:17PM
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Al Gore and Keith Olbermann are now business partners. Well, sort of, Olbermann a piranha of a newsman, a man who couldn’t work for Fox or MSNBC, will now work for the round man of global warming. How low can you go, Keith? How desperate can you be, Al? Keith will have a new show on Al’s TV network. Well, it’s more like a garage band than a TV network. Current TV is Big Al’s big network.

Never heard of Current TV? It’s a cable channel distributed to 60 million households. Let’s compare Keith’s career track. Fox News is viewed by 1.85 million, MSNBC 830,000, and Current TV a stunning 23,000 people a day. That many read this blog in a month and a half. Gee, maybe I should ask Al for a job.

Keith has a non-compete clause in the payoff of his $7 million settlement to leave MSNBC. But, Current TV doesn’t even count in that clause. Keith says he will bring all his loyal viewers to Current TV. Al, how bad does a guy have to be to get paid $7 million to leave? How dumb do you have to be to sign another contract with a guy who is making a career of being fired and paid to leave? Al, how many far left fools can a far left fool watch in the same time slot?

If I could get Al to hire me and do one broadcast on my opinion of him and his global warming scam, I could get paid-off after one day. As America freezes, Al warns of shrinking ice at the pole. That would be a start. No one man has done more to hurt the American economy than Al Gore. That might do it. Al Gore is the biggest con artist since PT Barnum. Done.

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