Questions for Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik

January/13/2011 16:10PM
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Clarence Dupnik has become a media darling. He can’t get enough media exposure and the media can’t get enough of him. Every show I’ve seen him do, and I admit it’s not a lot, he’s being asked the same questions. Do you believe the political climate in this country led to this horrible act? Every time he answers with complete authority, yes, and seems to elaborate on his answers by adding villain like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh.

I’m not a journalist, but if I were I would have some questions for the sheriff. Here are my questions.

1. What justification do you have for your claims for media rhetoric being the trigger for the shootings?

2. Why was there no police presence at the rally?

3. Do you believe your media appearances are setting the stage for the trial defense for the shooter?

4. In Arizona anyone suspected of being seriously unbalanced can be held 72 hours for psychiatric evaluation. Did your office have cause to do that with his arrests and campus activity that led to expulsion.

5. Why won’t you release to the media public documents relating to the shooting?

6. Why won’t you even release the names of the shooting victims?

7. Why are you spending all your time on TV instead of building the case against the shooter?

8. Are you aware the shooter was a “gamer” spending most of his time on the computer in group game settings and those fellow gamers have an abundance of his rantings that refute what you say every day?

9. Are you aware the shooter was fired from 5 entry level jobs and had put out over 50 job applications and was unable to get a job? He wrote about this in his game “game chat rooms”.

10. It is rumored that the shooter had issued death threats before and your office was aware of them. Is that true?

11. When does a law enforcement official use a tragedy as a soapbox for this political ideology? If one of your deputies had done this would you fire him?

12. You seem to be a very angry person. Do you need a psychiatric evaluation?

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