My Take on Red Skeleton’s Pledge of Allegiance

January/07/2011 16:12PM
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First, watch this video of Red Skeleton’s Pledge of Allegiance.

As I watch this, I recall saying the pledge everyday in school. Then, I think about what has changed since I was in school.

The ACLU has made saying this in school a risk. Is this a freedom schoolkids today have sacrificed to the ACLU? You bet it is. No organization in my lifetime has done more to take away freedoms than the ACLU. A close second is  the media which supports all  positions taken by the ACLU. Next is the far left liberal ideologues. They say their pledges to the ACLU and the media. Or, vice versa. 

Thanks to them, my grand kids live in a country where they can’t say the pledge in school. And they can’t walk to school for fear that some pervert that the ACLU has protected will grab them off the street. A country where national pride, like the pledg,e is an embarrassment to those who think we are far to imperfect and need to be more like France. France, where the lack of any national pride forces them to salute the white flag, the flag of surrender. A country we liberated with far too much blood, that trashes us every chance they get. 

It’s high time to get back some of that national pride that Ronald Reagan gave us after Carter put us on a giant guilt trip for being America, and Obama has reincarnated Carter on crack cocaine. Going around the world apologizing for us .What right does President Obama have to be the apologist in chief for this country? Did he or anyone in his family ever fight to keep our right to pledge our allegiance to our flag? Pledging allegiance to our flag, as Red reminds us, forces us to remember what made us great.  It also should remind us of what Obama and the media and the ACLU are trying to erase.

You want less freedom and more dependence on Obama, don’t stand and pledge allegiance to our flag. If you want more freedom and less governmen,t pledge more often and remind yourself you want less Obama, less liberal media, and less far left politicians who are trying to steal your liberty.

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