Media Crusade Against Arizona Immigration Efforts Continues

January/05/2011 16:18PM
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The Arizona Republic, the closest newspaper in America to Tass, is on a raging crusade to stop all efforts in the state of Arizona to control illegal immigration. More proof that the media in this country is still working hard to go broke. It’s a race. A race to see if they can go broke before Obama can have the country embrace Tass. Whether it’s the Arizona Republic, the New York Times, CNN, or MSNBC, they are all losing customers and share at a alarming rate. They are losing money even faster. It’s a self-destructive battle between their ideology and the will of the people. The people are winning by boycotting their ideology.

Today’s editorial attacks the Arizona bill 1070, which is in the courts under legal attack by the Obama administration, and the latest attack from Arizona to deny immigrant children of illegals born in the USA automatic citizenship. The fact that other states are joining the Arizona efforts on both fronts means nothing to the paper. The majority of Arizonans agree with both, but that is just wrong. The paper knows what’s best for Arizona, not the citizens of Arizona. If Obama supports it, the paper supports it with all their might.

Here’s their take on it. “Those who shove Arizona into misguided immigration battles serve only their own selfish desire to become national anti-immigration celebrities. They do so at the expense of a state that needs leaders who will work for prosperity, not controversy.”

Most, if not all of the politicians who support the bills got reelected by big numbers. Most of them were reelected because the citizens believe the illegals are sapping the economy, not adding to the state’s prosperity. Not one word in the editorial was used to support the statement the paper made.

Like Obama and most Democrats, the media is willing to shun the popular opinions of the country and believe they can shove their misguided ideology down the throats of an ignorant public. That same public that sees the cost in terms of violence and budget damage these illegals wreak on the state and the country. Money neither the states nor the country can afford. Americans want this fixed and will stand for nothing less.

The media will lose this battle and their will be a hue and cry for federal support to prop up failing media going broke because they are out of step with the public, their customers.

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