Baby Boomers are Coming Like a Horde of Locusts

January/28/2011 16:26PM
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Here’s what the baby boomers have done for future generations. They gave us the big environmental push. They stopped all reasonable sources of energy in this country. No nuclear, no drilling, no refineries, and no future for anything but dreams of green energy. We won’t need a lot, since the boomer unions have driven all the manufacturing to other countries and by the time the UAW uses $8MM from their strike fund to unionize the foreign car companies here, they, too will be gone.

Excessive political correctness has virtually eliminated free speech. Anything anyone says offends someone. By the time my grand kids get to college their will be a political correctness checker on the computer just like spell check today. That political correctness helped give us President Obama. A totally unqualified candidate for president, but how nice for America to have an African American president.

Just as the boomers get ready to check out of the workplace, there is no workplace. We have unemployment, houses worth half what they were, 401K’s trying to get back to where they were 4 short years ago, ObamaCare ready to load on 30 million uninsured with fewer doctors, and states and cities contemplating bankruptcy.

But, not to fear. The boomers will load up the heath care industry with billions in bills, since they are just now reaching the age where they will require 80% of their total life’s medical needs. Piling into Medicare in record numbers they will astound the system with their bills. There will probably be just enough left in Medicare to cover them before it goes dry.

And, social security, they will drain that well too.

The stock market. Don’t expect them to keep money in the equity market. As they hit 60 they will shift all that to the fixed income market. Billions of investment dollars will drain out of the equity market making it a shallow market and capital for business scarce. This will put a huge strain on the economy.

Like a horde of locusts, this pig in a python population bulge will begin to feed at the public trough. No longer contributing to society, they will glide up to the table and take what’s rightfully theirs. They will leave crumbs for the next generation. Mere crumbs. There will be no Brigham Young to rid the country of the locusts.

I’ve seen pictures of what the locusts did to parts of this country and Africa. It looks like the whole landscape is prepped for a new million acre shopping center.

If you think our leaders are prepared for this you are wrong. All estimates of the needs of this group are off by a magnitude to two or three. This group knows how to work the system.They will leave no freebie on the table. When the country is done paying their tabs, good luck to the 40 somethings.

Compassion or guilt for their excesses and the bare cupboard for their kids? Are you seeing any as the debate shapes up over deficits, debts, entitlements bankrupting the entitlement programs? I haven’t. It’s a,” I earned it, it’s rightfully mine, and I expect to get every dollar.” Maybe every dollar due me and a few that might be due to someone else.

Too many promises, too few dollars, and too many people all add up to a dismal future.

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