Alaska Pipeline Goes Down

January/11/2011 16:36PM
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The Alaska Pipeline brings 620,000 barrels of oil a day to the West Coast. That’s about 9% of the total domestic production. There was a small spill of about 10 bbls. of oil contained in a pumping station. Right now, it’s a blip, but if the pipeline is down any length of time, it will be a major issue. There is oil in storage at the terminal at Valdez. There is no way to get replacement oil to the West Coast in any reasonable time. If the pipe is down for any length of time, oil could spike to over a $100 a barrel. Worse, the West Coast could see $5 gasoline quickly as suppliers revert to the only method to reduce demand, price increases.

The area of the country supplied by the pipeline is the most adamant region denying increased drilling in Alaska or offshore in the Pacific. California wants to accelerate the movement to green energy and has their version of Cap and Tax.

Now’s the time to show the rest of the country you are serious about your convictions. Dig in and use that green energy to get you through this potential shortage. Park those cars and use public transportation. Get geared up for the future you so wish to happen. Car pool, plug in those electric cars, and walk or use your bike.

No whining or finger pointing over high gasoline prices. This is self-inflicted, should it happen. No one, major oil, Washington, or any outside influence is to blame. You wanted this and you may get a good taste of what it’s like. Help is no where in sight.

Dig in those wallets and pay through the nose. It’s your responsibility to save the planet. Trade in those SUV’s quickly while they have any value. Get that Smart car you’ve been avoiding. Do the right thing for Al Gore, your spiritual leader.

Maybe you will be lucky this time and they will get the pipeline back up before you have any real problems. But, production is dwindling in Alaska and this is just the future you cherish so much.

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