Your Tax Dollars are Blowing in the Wind

December/21/2010 16:36PM
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The Republicans bought the Brooklyn bridge from President Obama. It’s very apparent already that the cry baby, Boehner and the pseudo Republican, McConnell, are outmatched by Obama. Their mistakes this month on the tax bill will probably insure we will get Obama for 8 years. It can only get worse with the Republican leadership of the cry baby, the pseudo, and Michael Steele. Where do they get these guys? It’s like the tenured school teacher who quit teaching 25 years ago or the union man who hasn’t put in 8 hours of work for 25 years.

All the Republicans had to do was let the Democrats vote down any bill to reduce taxes. Let the Democrats and Obama take the blame and fix the problem in 2011.

In the mess of that bill were many items that will come back to haunt the Republicans. First, the renewal of the $7 billion ethanol subsidy. Even Al Gore, the man who has done more to destroy this country than any other American, said “ethanol is a big mistake”. So, farmers will continue to devote 40% of their crops to burning for fuel. Food prices will keep going up and the only winners are the farmers and the ethanol producers.

Even worse, wind got a $3 billion grant. This is on top of the $30 billion they got from the stimulus bill. Despite all this help and more, wind can’t compete.

According to the Wall Street Journal, it has cost taxpayers $475,000 for every wind job created. Those are the green energy jobs Obama keeps promising. Still, wind is just over 1% of the total electricity. It takes 25 times more workers to produce a kilowatt of electricity from wind as from coal. Wind and solar energy require at least 20 times more in government subsidies per unit of electricity generated than the average for coal and natural gas. Worse yet, you get to pay for the high cost of the power. It’s passed through.

Since wind and solar are the purported salvation for this country, you also get to pay your neighbor $7,500 if he buys an electric car.

Lot’s of lessons here. First, Republicans learned nothing from the November election. Next, even though Spain went broke driving wind power to extremes, this country learned nothing by watching Spain. Spending will not be brought under control by the new regime in Washington. They will find convenient excuses for approving things like ethanol and wind and electric cars. Lastly, Obama will be reelected due to all of the above.

There will be a third party(Tea Party) in the next election because conservatives will unhitch from the Republican party after being totally disgusted by the party. The far left will stay with Obama, despite threats, because they will never find another electable Socialist. Independents, disgusted by both parties will split votes. Simple as that.

Unless we deliver the message quickly and clearly to Republicans in Washington, they will do business as usual. It’s already clear that’s their intent.

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