Your Money and Our Money

December/11/2010 16:11PM
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Listen carefully to the debate over the Bush tax laws and you will hear the real way politicians in Washington see the world. Democrats and Republicans, it doesn’t matter.

Democrats say the richest Americans need to pay the government more taxes. Most say the people who die need to pay more estate taxes. But, it’s not just the position they have it’s the words they use to describe why they need to pay more. It’s the government’s money. It’s not the citizen’s money, it’s the government’s money and it’s owed to the government.

Voters have spoken and said we don’t trust the government with our money, regardless of the source. Even in Washington state, despite the efforts of the unions and Bill Gates Sr. the voters denied a tax on the wealthy. It has dawned on the majority in this country that the government is not responsible to handle money.

The great class warfare man, Obama, can’t get the Democrats to buy the trillion dollar stimulus compromise. The Democrats demand the wealthy pay more taxes and more estate taxes. It’s seizure of private property, but they still demand payment. Forgiveness for $600 billion in tax benefits for the non-rich aren’t enough to sway the party. It doesn’t offset the pleadings of the president and the logic of the deal.

What will the government do with the money. Subsidize the post office, Amtrak, Freddie and Fannie, the FHA, and the bloated bureaucracy in Washington. Bail out some more big banks, like Goldman? Give ethanol another year’s tax subsidy. Hire hundreds of new IRS employees to monitor Obamacare. Shell out more pork and earmarks.

The Deficit Commission wants to simplify the tax laws. It would put lots of tax experts out of work or give them less work to do. Not in the cards. Keep the onerous estate taxes in place so attorney’s can make millions working to subvert the laws.

The money we earn is our money. It is not rightfully the government’s money. The only way to control spending by the government is to send them less to spend. We already own the Chinese a trillion dollars. Borrowing by the government is getting harder and harder.

It’s time to explain this to the politicians. Stop talking like you have some claim on citizen’s earnings. Simplify the tax code. Cut taxes and deductions for all Americans.Eliminate jobs in the IRS through a simplified code. Force the elected officials in Washington to balance a smaller budget and get off the class warfare kick before we have riots in the streets like they have in Europe.

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