Winners and Losers

December/13/2010 19:53PM
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It’s been an interesting time since the mid-term elections. I’ve been trying to keep score on which way the wind is blowing since that election.

Ethanol. The subsidies on ethanol were extended. Winners. The ethanol producers. The farmers would do about the same. The taxpayers will give another 5-10 billion to the ethanol producers for no reason other than 15 Midwest states have held the cards on this for 30 years. The biggest loser. The American voters. We just got it stuck to us again. The Republican party will pay a bigger price for this than the Democrats. It’s another double-cross days after an election. People won’t forget.

The tax debate. Only one winner. Obama. He will get the benefit of a $600 billion stimulus bill that was never called a stimulus bill. Biggest losers. The American tax payer. Just got a trillion added to the deficit. Right after the voters showed how they felt about this. Next biggest losers. The Republican Party, the party will get all the blame for double crossing the voters and none of the credit for the benefits of the tax cuts. The party held all the cards and this was the best deal they could get and they barely get that. The Tea Party will be on a rampage for the next two years over this. Next biggest loser, the Democrats who will lose the far left for letting the rich get off the hook on taxes and estate taxes.

Hal Rogers named Chairman of Appropriations Committee. Losers: Tax payers. Rogers, Prince of Pork, will do little, if anything, to implement the promises made to voters before the November elections. He will drag many Republicans down with him. The Tea Party target will be on his chest as well as that of John Boehner.

Federal Judge in Virginia rules the Obamacare plan to force the public to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. He ruled it was not a tax, it was a product. He said the supporters can’t have it both ways. They can’t deny to the public that it’s a tax, then argue before him that is is. Loser: Obama. Winners: American public. This funds Obamacare and without it there is no Obamacare. Other lawsuits are in the mill and eventually then will hit the Supreme Court.

Bill Clinton plays President for 20 minutes. Loser: Obama. Winner: Hillary Clinton. When Hillary tees Obama up for the primary elections in 2012, this will be remembered.

Scorecard: Biggest loser for the week: Public. Next: Republican Party. Biggest winner: Obama, who will benefit from the tax cuts and is totally blameless. But, his handling of it was so bad the short term damage will be big. The Democrats were hurt by the Pelosi and Reid effort to shoot down Omama’s compromise.

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