Unrighteous Indignation by Democrats

December/17/2010 16:13PM
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Congressional Democrats are trying to drive their 13% approval rating lower. The Senate passed the tax bill by a large majority. The House, however, stalled the vote. Many Democrats in the House are indignant over the proposed estate tax. Finally, they passed it in the wee hours on Thursday.

These are the same Democrats that gave every millionaire who died in 2010 a complete pass on estate taxes. They were far too busy last year giving us Obamacare to address the estate tax. My guess is, and I’m sure it’s a good guess, that zero for every person who died in 2010 is much bigger than the difference between 35% and 50% and the exemption going from $2.5MM to $5.0MM over the next two years.

Taxing estates is morally wrong. The person or couples being taxed have paid taxes on every penny already. Democrats talk like every recipient of an inheritance is a blue blood. Once again, businesses are ignored. Heirs of a small business have two choices. Borrow the money to pay the estate tax bill, or sell or close the business. The same with farm families. Goodbye jobs.

So, the Democratic Congress, the very one that didn’t find time to address what they thought then to be the most egregious mistake on taxes, the estate tax, threatened to raise every one’s taxes until the new Congress comes in to fix the problem. They also let the budget lapse this year and now the government may shut down on Saturday.

Their solution is to cram through a trillion dollar Omnibus Bill filled with earmarks. Nearly 2,000 pages no one has read. The drooling idiot from Illinois, Dick Durbin, has a solution. Give everyone a speed reading class.

This is the most embarrassing thing I have witnessed for many, many years. A President who can’t get his Congress to do his bidding. A bitter Democratic House of Representative that prefers to do more damage to their party rather than go along with their president. A Republican Party that holds all the cards and won’t play them. They can stop everything right now. No tax bill, no money to keep the federal government running, and no votes on the other crap Reid wants to run through.

There would be absolutely no blame for the Republicans. It’s clearly the Democrats in the House who are doing this. Let the Democrats explain it away to an already enraged public.

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