The Obama Camel puts his Nose Under Your Internet Tent

December/22/2010 16:22PM
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The FCC, by a vote of 2-1 put in place a new regulation innocently title, Internet Neutrality. Supposedly, it is to insure everyone has equal access to the Internet.

This was tried by the FCC once before and was struck down by the courts. Nonplussed, the Obamamites, who want to regulate everything you do, including the food your kids eat, moved forward.

In my lifetime, once a regulatory group begins regulation, there in no end to the amount of regulation they undertake.

Internet providers say the consumers and employees will pay the price for this regulation. The FCC says nonsense. Who do you believe?

Republicans say they will strike this regulation in early 2011. Obama says it’s a good thing. Let’s see who wins this battle.

I have read of no complaints by anyone except the small wannabee Internet providers about how the system has been working. Competition is fierce. This is reminiscent to me about the oil business. The oil business is a cutthroat business. Who else posts their prices at the street? Still, every time there is run up in oil prices, the industry is the fall guy. Never the government that fails to allow any effort to develop more domestic oil. The government that spends recklessly on fool’s errands chasing green energy.

This is just another example of the grand plan by the Obama government to run everything in your life. You aren’t capable of making good decisions. You must rely on your government to decide what is good and proper for you.

Watch this closely.

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