The Epitome of Being Non-Presidential

December/12/2010 16:59PM
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President Obama seems to be having a meltdown this week. Instead of trying to make the tax law sound like a compromise, he made it sound like he was a hostage. Then, he found out he was he was being hung up to swing in the wind by his own party, when they wanted no part of paying the ransom to free him from the evil Repubicans. Staying on the roll of being a sullen loser, he used Bill Clinton as a stand-in president.

Announcing he had an appointment with the First Lady, he turned the office over to Slick Willy. Never in my lifetime have I seen a president, including Jimmy Carter, look worse. This man is self-destructing before our very eyes.

How can a president look less presidential? How do you vote present and leave the job of selling your tax law problem to an ex-president?

How does he govern for the next two years when he has chosen to show his inability to govern and lead to the entire population?

Who do the Democrats serve up in 2012? Everyone thought the Republicans had a problem coming up with a candidate, but it now appears they have less of a problem than the Democrats. Is Hillary it?

Every day President Obama show’s he done. He’s not up to the job. He has poor advisors. He takes their poor advice. He’s spinning in the wind and the far left is adding fans to spin him faster. The Republicans are not gloating, which is the best move they can make. If he can’t present a tax bill with a postive spin, showing he can work across the aisle and get his entire party behind him, what can he do? If his best move is to have Bill Clinton with his face looking more like Santa’s every day. do the job, he’s not up to the job.

Hunker down. This is going to be a rough ride for the next two years.

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