Sleazy Politics the Norm for Obama

December/27/2010 16:17PM
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If you don’t get your cap and tax bill passed, no problem. Just have the EPA put in place regulations that would have been in the bill.

If Sarah Palin made a fuss about “death panels” when the ObamaCare bill was being debated, no problem. Just slip it in as a regulation between Christmas and New Years the next year. Tell all your party members in Congress to keep a lid on it. E-mails all over Washington this week between Democrats saying “keep a lid on it”.

You cut a deal with AARP to support ObamaCare even though the AARP lost thousands of members over the deal. Now, it’s payback time. Cut them a new deal that exempts them from ObamaCare on Medigap. Plus, they are not subject to any provisions about pay, etc. that the other insurance companies are under, including the proposed new 10% cap on insurance rates. Almost 50% of AARP’s revenue comes from commissions from referrals of members to health insurance. They double-crossed their members and Obama double-crossed the country.

Don’t like hybrid seeds? Have big campaign contributions for those who share that dislike? Want the whole country to be organic even though the science against hybrid seeds doesn’t reinforce that? (Can you say global warming?) Just have the Department of Agriculture put in new regulations with stipulations that will make it very hard to use hybrid seeds. This is not a done deal, but it’s close.

The Obama administration chooses to do as it wants. Hopefully, that will end soon. Perhaps there will other eyes on these misjudgments. But, remember it took the country two years to identify what this President and his people were doing and vote against it, it only took two months for the Republicans to mess that up and lose the support of the country.

Probably the Republicans will sleep through this too.

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