Revenge of the Hicks

December/24/2010 16:31PM
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Elitists like President Obama often speak unkindly of rural Americans. Clutching their bibles and guns, per Obama.

While Obama and his elitist progressives work to destroy our country scoffing and apologizing about our greatness in the world, I think of my upbringing. Raised in a small town in Michigan by depression era parents, I was trained to be a survivor. Both my parents grew up on farms in Missouri. My Dad was a building contractor. I was the first college graduate in my family.

I worked construction from the time I was 14. I could do most jobs on a construction site. Had I not gone to college, I could have gotten a job on any construction crew in the country. I could pour cement, weld, lay brick, do carpentry work, put on a roof, do plumbing, and read blueprints. I could drive a tractor, a dump truck, a forklift, an overhead crane, and most anything that had an engine. I raised pigs and turned them into bacon. I hunted and fished. After school and sports practice I would often go to the creek behind my house and catch some trout for dinner. I could shoot and dress game.

If the economy went to hell or I choose not to finish college, I had a lot of fall backs to get by in this world. Some of my high school friends went that route. They spent their lives doing what I had done before college. They brought up their kids to do that too. Their kids are bringing up their kids that way. Obama would call them hicks. I call them prepared to get by in the world that may be coming their way, thanks to Obama and the politicians.

If the America dream explodes like the majority of Americans believe it will, who wins? Those elitist ivy league educated attorneys and bankers or my high school friends’ kids and their grand kids?

I have traveled extensively in this country, visiting every state except Alaska, which I plan to visit. My observations would make me believe the folks in rural America will make it if the country fails. They will use their bibles and guns for reinforcement. Their faith will help them face hard times. The guns will protect what they have when the folks from urban America try to take what they have when those urban folks have nothing, including a clue as to how to survive hard times.

The best insurance for hard times is an ability to survive on your own. To grow food, raise animals for food, to build what you need to build for shelter, to hunt and fish, to can what your grow, and to have good neighbors for a support system.

If the hard times come, it will be the revenge of the hicks. They will survive.

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