Republicans Don’t Get It

December/10/2010 16:25PM
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The big compromise supposedly struck with Obama on taxes was good negotiating by Obama. He turned a $300 billion tax deal for those making over $250M a year into a trillion dollar stimulus bill. Sorry, GOP, you have become the vestiges of George W. Bush, redux. Now, the Democrats are trying to reject Obama’s deal. Looks like they would rather have a stalemate and have everyone’s tax bill go up before congress reconvenes in January rather than accept Obama’s deal. The Republicans will lose votes by buying the Obama deal and the Democrats will lose more votes by screwing up every one’s tax preparation for 2011. Who loses more. The Republicans if they buy Obama’s deal. But, the real losers would be the Democrats if they don’t buy the deal. Everyone will be mad at them. The best deal for the Republicans would be to stand pat, make no further deals, and let Obama and Democrats swing in the wind.

Even while running the deficit up a smooth trillion with the Obama deal, the Republicans put Hal Rogers in as chairman of the house appropriations committee. Basically, Republican leadership, specifically John Boehner, a man who did little for the party in the last election except cry on TV after the election, gave the people who gave the party the victory the bird.

Rogers is known at the Prince of Pork. For good reason. In two years Rogers pushed through $246 million in 135 earmarks. There’s the $52 million National Center for Hometown Security and the tiny airport that received $17 million in federal dollars but has no airlines.

The new people haven’t been to Washington and already the party has double crossed them with Rogers and support for a trillion dollar stimulus bill.

You knew this would happen. There are still 150-200 republicans in congress who need to go. They are still locked in to the Bush regime and won’t change until they are gone. They will work hard to bring the new electees into line. They have broken their pledge to America and will continue to do so every day until the are gone.

Watch, it will get worse.

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