Politicians Don’t Understand the Learning Curve

December/06/2010 16:25PM
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Professional marketers have a process they follow to introduce a new product or to re-introduce an old product. I won’t bore you with the entire process, but one aspect is a test market, or test markets. Before you roll out a product market-wide, you want to make sure it will play in Peoria. That old adage was developed because so many companies test marketed in Peoria. If the test market fails, a decisions must be made whether the product has any potential. Something needs to tweaked, price, advertising, distribution, or all of the above.

Politicians don’t understand this. They are more than willing to roll out a test market failure across the nation. One example, Obamacare. Romneycare is failing in Massachusetts. In every aspect it is failing. The cost is much greater than forecast. The insurance companies are losing money and leaving the state or being forced to lose money by the state. People are jobbing the system. Not buying insurance until they are sick. Companies are dropping group insurance plans. Despite this real world failure, Obama rolls the same program in most aspects across the nation. The same problems are already cropping up.

The big debate this week is over whether to lower taxes on the rich. Every piece of data developed in our history shows the rich actually pay less total tax to the government if taxes are raised. Still, Obama and the Democrats want to raise taxes on the, so-called, rich making over $250K a year. Ignore history. Discount the facts that this will generate less revenue to the government, raise them anyway.

Spain showed that a country that devotes billions to green energy goes broke and the energy prices to the end-user has a lot to do with this. California wants to follow Spain’s lead and so does Obama.

How can a country hire such poor leadership to run the country? How can the voters let the politicians and the media spin abject failures into successes and sell them to a public that knows better?

How can you throw billions at oil independence, get nothing for it and set off to throw billions more at the same ideas again?

How do the hopes and dreams of those who are detached from reality become the energy strategy for the greatest country on earth? How does that country elect a man president who has never done anything and wants to follow the failed ideologies of the USSR and Cuba?

The leadership void in this country is painfully evident when you look at the lack of wisdom of ignoring failure, and repeating it over and over again.

We need a whole different kind of leader than the elitist attorneys we have been electing. People who understand how to make decisions based on good judgment, not political expediency. I don’t know where they are coming from, but we better find some.

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