Obama’s Pay Freeze

December/02/2010 16:34PM
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President Obama threw us a bone this week. He will freeze the pay of non-military government workers. This will save $28 billion over five years. A small dent in a $13.7 trillion projected debt. Not even close to the interest we owe China every year. The public unions are up in arms. No self-respecting government worker should have to make any sacrifice regardless of the economic situation or who makes the request. But, of course the way around this, there is always a way, is to use the step and grade process that allows pay increases. You can bet a record number of federal employees will be getting step and grade treatment the next two years.

Let’s get serious about federal employee costs just as the private sector has gotten serious the past three years. When they couldn’t afford the payroll, they cut. Obama has added thousands to the public payroll in the past two years with thousands more to be hired to put Obamacare into place. Let’s roll back the approved level of federal employees to 2007. Every one over that must go. Then put in a hiring freeze at that level. If Obamacare is not repealed, the employees needed to make it work must be funded by displaced jobs elsewhere. Like the DOE, for example. The most worthless group in government. Or the Department of Education? Or, Homeland Security, the most inept and one that duplicates jobs in 8 other groups.

Then, let’s address that little matter of benefits. All government employees go on Obamacare. And, social security.

We aren’t done yet. Let’s reset starting pay. The starting pay needs to be brought back into line with the private sector. All the excesses of the past decade need to be stripped out. Why pay more for a job where you can’t be fired, until now, if we do the above, and where you are rarely expected to show up for work. And, when you do you have no real goals, except to cover your boss’ ass.

If we are going to address the public payroll problem, let’s really do it like a corporation would address that problem. Let’s peg what we can afford considering our massive debt problem, set that as a given, and go about meeting that number. That’s what the people of this country want and expect and let’s quit playing political games with us. No more bones thrown. Get real, get serious, and forget the unions like Chris Christie is doing in New Jersey. You forget the vast majority of the voting pubic doesn’t respond to union whining. Just you politicians who depend on their money and votes and the media who can’t get enough union protest time. It’s like crack cocaine to them.

So, you big talking Republicans who just got elected, where are you on this issue. You going to accept the bone and leave the meat?

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