New Year’s Resolutions for Congress

December/31/2010 16:53PM
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First and foremost, they must delouse Congress. The difference between louse and Pelosi is just three letters. Pelosi has increased the deficit by $3 trillion on her watch. And, she is proud of that, and the fact that the latest rating for congress is 13% and dropping. She made the New Deal look like child’s play. With help from Obama the last two years, she has pushed this country to the brink of European Socialism. So much so that she woke up a sleeping public and got many of her fellow Democrats thrown out of office in November. She and the Democrats are unrepentant about any of this and the party showed that by keeping her in power.

Every effort must be made to revoke ObamaCare. Obama will veto an outright revocation, but that should happen. As the year unfolds and the truth about the program emerges it will become a political embarrassment to Obama and the Democrats. If it becomes reality, any chance of avoiding European Socialism will be lost. It’s the whole enchilada. Once 30 million voters get free medial care, it’s over. This will be difficult, since the liberal media will not report fairly the ugly underbelly as it’s exposed in reality and in hearings. It’s a big job and must be done.

Real spending cuts must happen. It will mean putting thousands, if not millions, of government workers out of a job. Workers might be a kind term. Pay cuts for government workers must happen. Benefit changes and pension reform need to be done, also.

Income tax reform must happen. A simple tax code is long overdue.

Work on sealing the borders is a priority. A plan to deal with illegal aliens, changed to illegal immigrants, now trying to be changed to undocumented workers, is next. Round them up and ship them home. Simple as that.

Slashing the regulatory power of government agencies running wild under Obama has to happen. The EPA is the worst. They are implementing cap and trade under the noses of the Congress. Stop them the FCC(Internet regulation) the Department of Agriculture(hybrid seed regulation), and all the other job killers Obama has put in place.

Strip the Department of Education of as much power as possible. They are just an arm of the NEA right now. Push it back to the states. Get real education reform despite the unions.

Pass a resolution that no states will be bailed out by the Federal Government. Let California and Illinois file bankruptcy. It will finally force change.

Last, but not least, hear the voters from last November. Do not stray from the mission. Overturn as much of the mischief of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama as fast as you can. Be good to businesses, especially small businesses. Jobs will come from there.

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