Items That Will Cost You More in 2011

December/26/2010 16:29PM
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Food. Prices are going up at the grocery. Commodity costs are up and food processors and retailers are eating the cost increases(bad pun). The extension of the ethanol subsidy for 2011 will insure corn prices stay high.

Gasoline, diesel, and heating oil. The lack of an energy strategy for the past 30 years is still with us. World wide demand for crude oil is up and prices will go up accordingly. You will just get the usual drivel from Washington. Drill here, drill now will be back in 2011.

Electricity. Your EPA is going to shut down coal fired power plants in 2011. Their mandate to use wind and solar will boost costs. All these cost increases brought on by regulation will be passed through to you. You wanted to be green, right. Well, just pay the tab.

Health care. Despite price controls by the government, insurance companies will need to pass through costs from ObamaCare. They won’t be able to pass it all through, but be patient. Your insurance will go up again in 2012, 2013, etc.

Property taxes. Cities need the money.

Car prices. With Obama’s blessing, the UAW is trying to unionize the foreign car plants here in the US. If they succeed, car prices will go up.

Clothing. As with food, commodity prices are going up as foreign demand for cotton, etc. increase.

Get used to it. It’s the price you pay to live in a socialist country. You government gets involved in every aspect of your life and costs go up. You finally reach a point where you say, why bother, and just jump in line with everyone else who lives off the government.

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