Enough With the Emotional Appeals

December/29/2010 16:06PM
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The big regret from Obama in his parting Christmas vacation press conference was not getting the Dream Act approved before he left.

This crystallizes everything that’s wrong in Washington and is at the core of what’s putting this country into bankruptcy today. You pick one single issue from a huge problem and bang away at that issue using an emotional appeal to create a wedge that allows you to overlook the big issues. He went on to say that it’s not the fault of a child who was brought into this country illegally. That child, should he choose to go to college or enter the military, should be forgiven for what his parents did by bring him into the country illegally.

It’s like going to the doctor for a physical and finding you have a tumor and need a knee replacement. If the Doctor said we are going to replace the knee so you can be mobile for your cancer treatments, what would you say?

The tumor in Obama’s case is the still unsecured border. The tumor is growing and it’s costing the country billions we can’t afford. It’s causing states along the border to try to fix the problem Obama won’t address. He is attacking them for trying to do the right thing and telling the country, our number one problem on illegal immigration is whether we should do something for a few thousand children of illegals who choose to go to college or enter the military. In his eyes, I guess, this solves the border problem and fixes the issue of millions of illegals who are here consuming billions in tax dollars.

The lap dog media eats this up like a dog bone. No one ever asks, Mr. President, how does doing this solve the bigger problems? Why does the President and all politicians in general keep diverting our attention from the big issues by throwing us a bone that appeals to our emotions? Simple, because we eat the bones. Until we as voters, stop eating dog treats, we will never force the politicians to face the big issues.

You will see this full force as the new Congress tries to cut the deficit. The media is ready to serve up emotional gravy as soon as the first cuts are made. There will be protests engineered by the unions with the poor and the usual cast of characters protesting. It’s already happened at the state levels. Look at New Jersey where Christie is being demonized daily by the media. Every cut gets a protest. Every protest gets big time media exposure. Every media broadcast is full of raw emotion.

It will be very hard to fix the problems that the voters asked to get fixed in November. The opposition, supported by the media, will find the emotional soft spot on every change. The opposition will put forth a knee replacement in lieu of cancer surgery for every solution.

It’s the political version of bait and switch. As a nation that loves reality TV, we will buy the knee replacements. As the tumors grow, we will wonder what is killing us.

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