The TSA Exemplifies Government Today

November/28/2010 16:01PM
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The country is up in arms over the TSA. Body scans and junk touching is their solution to air travel security. They tell us there is no other choice. Just suck it up and deal with it, it’s for your own good.

The head of the TSA, John Pistole, is a marginal manager, at best. He wants to unionize the TSA. That seems to me to be a questionable goal. The average TSA employee is as marginal as Pistole. If unionized, we couldn’t fire them. They would be overpaid even more than now for the job and would still lack the qualifications we need. His boss, Janet Napolitano, is an embarrassment to Obama. Lurching from one disaster to another. Someone puts a bomb in a shoe, we all take our shoes off. Someone puts a bomb in his underwear, we all let the TSA probe our junk. We spend billions for body scanners. All for illusionary security.

TSA employees are under trained and under motivated. The TSA hires the wrong people. Diversity seems to be job one. Not background and ability.

We refuse to pay special attention to those who might warrant special attention. Can’t do that. So, the whole population, including my 4 year old granddaughter, must pay a price for that. We are traveling to Florida for Thanksgiving. My daughter, mother of the 4 year old, is very nervous that her daughter might be subject to a pat down. She has been told, since she could walk, not to let strangers touch her. She might freak. If she doesn’t my daughter might.

The shoe bomber and the underwear bomber did enough to warrant special attention. One way tickets bought with cash. Last minute deals. The should have been stopped at the ticket counter. But, they weren’t. The 911 terrorists went through security and got through.

We can’t use common sense in this country. No, we have come too far for that.

The public here must pay for inept management and poor judgment at the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA. We must pay for bad decisions by Obama in placing incompetent people in change. We must cover their asses for them. We must tolerate their telling us that hiring the right people, training them well, screening unusual behavior at the ticket counter, and not screening suspicious people can’t be done.

The TSA needs to be restaffed. By military veterans. They must be retrained to recognize suspicious behavior and react to that. Better screening of pre-travel arrangements must occur. Better no fly lists must be made. Good judgment must occur. Screening pilots who could fly the plane into the ground is a good example.

But, no, we get the post office running our national security.

We, the voters, deserve better and we need to demand better.

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