The Doormat President

November/17/2010 16:13PM
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Many Americans didn’t like it when the rest of the world disliked President George W. Bush. He was too tough, too stubborn, too unwilling to see the wisdom of France.

Well, we got that problem fixed. We now have the doormat president. The rest of the world walks on Obama at will. His soaring oration echoes around the world and we can hear the snickers above the great one’s dulcet tones. Mischief is being made everywhere in the world. As, Hillary, Obama’s spine, runs from country to country to try to put out fires, Obama bloviates. The snickers get louder.

From Beijing to Russia, from Tehran to Damascus, from Lebanon to Nicaragua to Korea, trouble brews and Obama in dealt out of the picture. Israel is building condos again.

Obama goes to the G-20 summit and blows up the trade agreement Bush had negotiated with South Korea. China tells him to pound sand on their currency. The others lecture him on his inadequacy of wisdom on US economic policy. Why are you asking us to keep spending when we are telling you to stop spending and do what we are doing, cut government? Can we all be wrong and you are the only one in the world who gets it right?

Poor President Obama. He wants so badly to be loved by all the world. He has done so much to accomplish that, bowing to Saudi princes, pandering to Chavez, apologizing to anyone who will listen about the United States and our many, many past sins, giving cheesy gifts to the Queen of England, loving Muslims everywhere, and working so hard to be the perfect spineless jelly fish president. Kissing up to Mexico. Giving Brazil money for offshore drilling. How did all go so badly?

Mr. President, ask the New York Yankees. If you are the big dog, it may well be that some others may not love you. The rest of the world is looking for any excuse to hate us. After all, we’ve been on top too long. We try to buy love, but it doesn’t work.

Maybe it’s time we understand that. We can stop spending money on countries that hate us. We can work to stop sending money to the Middle East for oil, and work harder on drilling for natural gas here. We could actually ship the UN elsewhere. Russia sounds good. Keep defense spending up.

But, never judge a US president on world popularity. If he’s loved, he’s doing something wrong. If he’s ignored and not respected, it’s ever worse. If he’s pissing off a lot of leaders by doing what’s best for us, let’s let them stay pissed. Right now we have the worst of a international reputation. The big dog is being disrespected. We don’t bark, we don’t bite, all we do is lick boots. For that we get to pick up the yard.

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