The Big Losers Today

November/03/2010 16:45PM
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First, Barack Obama. He will be getting a visit from the Democratic Party heads with lots of advice. He will find he isn’t a “King” like he told attendees at one of his dozens of campaign stops last week. He’s now a near liability to his own party. He will get a lot of help from his party the next two years. Like Bush, with Rumsfeld after the last mid-year debacle, heads will fall. He will be forced to fire some insiders. Geithner may be the first to go.

Next is Wall Street. The Street got Obama elected. Their money put an end to Hillary and then McCain. While Obama has called Wall Street “fat cats” and pushed through financial reform, you may have noticed their profits have soared under Obama. Big government and big debt has been a boon for Wall Street. They have made billions buying and selling T Bills and buying back mortgage backed bonds. Using tax payer money to do both. In the first quarter of 2009 three of the biggest banks Goldman, Chase, and Citigroup did not lose money on a single trade during that period.

Then comes the so-called Green Economy. Another big reason Wall Street and GE backed Obama. Billions of tax money going to subsidize losing ventures with people like Van Jones involved. Van, by the way, is coming to Arizona State to speak to the students. Hope none of your kids or grand kids are planning to hear old Van talk his Communist Doctrine.

The unions, of course. They have had free run from Obama and the Democrats. They have spent millions to keep their favorite Democrats in office.

George Soros. The uber international socialist. He understands, like the heads of Wall Street, the profit potential Obama and his program holds for him.

The Limo Liberals. Those who are desperately trying to get a ticket punched to heaven. They have done so many wrongs, so many sins, they think they can sleep better at night by dreaming of giving back. Of course, their definition of giving back is small sacrifice compared to a family of four making $200M a year and faced with higher taxes.

The deadbeats. Those on the dole and planning to stay on the dole. Their dole may get smaller. They may actually have to flip some burgers.

State and local governments that have been sopping up the stimulus money and keeping bloated payrolls with this help. They may have to make cuts and live within their means.

Illegal aliens. They may have to get legal.

Crooked politicians like Rangle. There may be some ethics.

The country is about to make a big u-turn away from Socialism. I’m sure you all feel bad for all those who have worked so hard the past two years to destroy us. It’s sad to see those unfulfilled dreams go up in smoke.

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