Tea Party Supporters Take A Bow

November/02/2010 16:45PM
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I remember when my wife and I attended the Tea Party rally in Phoenix, Arizona on 4-15-09. The President and mainstream media ignored the people who rallied that day. It was estimated that a million people around the country attended rallies that day. The country was already tiring of President Obama. He was already showing he was incapable of seeing storm clouds on the horizon. He was still basking in the glory of being the Messiah.

Much has changed since that tax day almost two years ago. I’m writing this blog at 9:30 PM on Monday before the big day. The Tea Party Massacre. The day Obama, Pelosi, and the Democrats finally get the message. The day the Republicans better listen too. The day the country says, “enough”.

Enough stupidity. Enough debt. Enough big, inefficient government, enough taxes, enough lying, enough bribing fellow politicians for votes, enough Obama. As Dandy Don Meredith used to sing to Howard Cosell on Monday Night Football, “turn out the lights, the party’s over.”

At this time on Monday, I’m boldly predicting the Republicans will take 57 seats in the House and 8 seats in the Senate. It’s a start.

For the sake of my Grand Kids, it’s only a start. The real work starts now. Repeal Obamacare. Stop spending the stimulus money. Start cutting budgets. Start slashing government in size and cost. Do the work the Tea Party has requested and will continue to demand.

Change is coming. It starts today.

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