Reality is Coming to California

November/06/2010 16:20PM
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Congratulations to California. You kept Boxer and got Brown back. You showed the rest of the country, excluding New York and Oregon, that you are remaining steadfastly adherent to the Obama liberal policies. Good for you. No amount of pain can change your minds. High unemployment, people leaving the state, broken budgets, high entitlements, bankrupt public pension funds, and growing immigration problems. None of it means anything. You even made sure you lead the country on green idiocy by leaving in place the law that will raise utility costs 40% over the next 5 years.

But, you overlooked one key factor. Obama can’t bail you out this time. Remember when Orange Country filed for bankruptcy? This year, California would have been on the brink had not Obama bailed you out with billion of stimulus dollars that were to go for shovel ready projects. Obama isn’t going to bail you out next time. You see, the rest of the country has spoken. A Republican controlled House won’t give you a stinking dime.You won’t be getting money from Texas and Indiana, or even New Jersey with Chris Christie, you will be faced with reality.

Your reality is this. You will be faced with cutting expenses or going broke. During the Brown term. Brown can’t cut expenses, he can only spend more. So, going broke is your destiny. Of course, you can and will raise taxes. But even your liberal northern neighbor, Washington state, voted down raising taxes on the rich. So go ahead and raise taxes. More businesses will move, more wealthy residents will move, more unemployment, less revenue and then what? Go broke, that’s what.

Don’t look to the rest of the country for sympathy. We see what you are doing is self-inflicted. Live with your problems. No panhandling in Washington. See if Boxer can get a handout through a Republican House and even if your fellow Democratic senators from states unlike California, who may not get reelected if they would bail out California.

You are on your own now California, Good luck.

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