Plans for Obesity in America

November/22/2010 16:32PM
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As we become the ultimate nanny state, we can look at the national obesity problem to evaluate different options.

The first lady is making this her cornerstone project. I just hope she has never asked her husband, “honey, does this dress make my butt look big?” It like Dr. Phil, TV classic lard ass, writing a diet book, which he did. France has stopped selling sweets in the vending machines in schools. Finally, France has declared war, on Little Debbie and her cakes. Not to be outdone, Michele Obama and San Francisco want the France plan in schools.

The mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom,  wants a law banning McDonalds and other fast food places from giving kids toys to buy food. I guess if it’s green beans, they can give a toy. Might need to be a $100 toy.

No longer is it the personal responsibiltly of a child or their parent or an adult to manage their own weight. The government at all levels must help. I’m pretty sure we won’t see Chris Christie weigh in on this one, pun intended. The far left black professor on O’Reilly went on record staying Christie can’t be president since he’s overweight.

When faced with tough issues like this, I go to a tough source for my moral compass. None other than Sheriff Joe from Arizona. Here’s his solution to this fat assed American issue.

NEW YORK (CBS/KPHO) Joe Arpaio, self-styled as “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” has decided that if his inmates want the privilege of watching TV, they have to pedal for it.

This clever idea came about when Arpaio realized half of the inmate population at the Tent City Jail in Phoenix, Ariz. is overweight and needed some exercise.

The sheriff’s staff customized a stationary bike so that when inmates pedal it, it generates 12 volts of electricity – enough to run a 19-inch TV. An hour of pedaling equals about an hour of TV time.

Arpaio explains, “If an inmate slows down and fails to pedal fast enough, an audible noise sounds off to warn inmates that the TV is shutting down.” He says, “Peer pressure will have them pedaling, at least right up to the commercial breaks.”

In a press release Arpaio said the TV will give them a reason to exercise and a way to “burn up to 500 calories an hour.” The inmates will have to sign a contract that says only those who agree to pedal will have access to the inmate-powered TV.

The sheriff said he debuted his new program with female inmates because they seemed more receptive to the idea.

So what’s next from “personal trainer Arpaio”? How about “run a mile, win a nail file”…

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