Obama’s Keystone Kop’s Foreign Policy Exposed

November/30/2010 16:08PM
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When an administration is inept at everything it does at home, why think they are good when they go abroad?

The Wiki leaks release this week shows just how bad they botch up everything on foreign policy.

It’s nice to know the Middle East, including the Saudi prince, were trying to get us to wage war on Iran. We can’t handle what we have now, let alone take on Iran. Where is the rest of the world on this? Nice to know the brother of the man running Afghanistan was traveling with over $40 million in cash on his person. I suppose that was US taxpayer money. I’m sure the Brits are happy our state department was trashing their war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dealing with the dangerous world today as if it were part of a community organizing effort just isn’t working. Using incompetent people to do it doesn’t work either. Seems like these leaks make Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano look good. Two classic mistakes, but maybe not the worst.

There may be some good news here. After all this hits the fan, Hillary may not run against Obama in 2012. That’s good news for Obama, but even better news for America. Sleazy Clinton tactics will be exposed. Lie, cheat, bribe, do what you think you have to do, and ,if caught, lie some more.

These are very bad times to have the Keystone Kops trying to maintain peace in places like North Korea and Iran. We have enough trouble brewing in Mexico and we just ignore that. Maybe ignoring it is better than messing it up.

When you have a leadership void at the top, it’s always a given you have it everywhere. When the head man is wrong 90% of the time, that translates across the board. Just tick them off. Closing Gitmo, never in my lifetime. Trying terrorists in civil courts, how did the first case of that go? Passing a health care bill that is becoming a nightmare due to lies and poor planning, not good. A stimulus bill that didn’t work. An attempt at cap and tax that failed.Strip searching taxpayers, wow, that’s playing well. Refusing to support efforts to protect our borders, not popular. In almost every case, Obama is on the opposite side of the public on every issue. Seems to be translating to the world as well.

The Obama administration is dire need of adult supervision and eradication of Chicago-style politics. We can only hope the new Congress can add some wisdom to a country that is not only fraying at the edges, but at the center as well. Soon the debt service on the Chinese loans will be greater than the cost to fight two wars. No wonder the Chinese feel comfortable taking us to task weekly these days. About our reckless spending and our help to the South Koreans, just to name two.

It’s one thing to been seen as a doormat to the world, but now we are going to be depicted as clowns. How much worse can it get?

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