Jay Rockefeller Calls for Fox News to be Taken Off the Air

November/23/2010 16:51PM
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Here it comes. We have a senator from West Virginia who openly wants to make us into Russia. Or Venezuela. He wants the FCC, where his wife works, to take both Fox News and MSNBC off the air. He says one is too far right and one too far left. Gee, I don’t see Fox nearly as far right as MSNBC is left. How can a network that hired Juan Williams from the PBS for being too far right be too far left. For making a comment that he worries about Arabs flying on his plane. Probably he said what over 70% of flying Americans worry about. Instead, we get TSA employees denuding us by technology or touching our junk.

Of course, MSNBC is being sold by GE, a company that owns Obama and Rockefeller, and will go to Com cast, if Rockefeller’s wife ever approves the sale, and turn it to Fox.

If you are tired of mainstream media feeding you Rockefeller’s far left ideology, he wants to make sure you don’t have another option. That mainstream media that is collectively going broke as their market share dwindles.

Where is the ACLU on this? As the organization that is supposed to protect free speech and keeps porn on the Internet, they must not see any problems with Rockefeller’s suggestion.

What a circus. Would Rockefeller still make this recommendation if GE weren’t selling NBC and MSNBC. Since GE gets every break they ask for from Obama and Rockefeller, would Rockefeller dare take them on?No company in America stands to benefit more from subsidies for wind and Obamacare. Since Jeffery Immelt’s shaky future rests on the continuation of this help and he sits on two key boards with Obama’s blessing. Two boards that give him two opportunities to influence policy.

More importantly, isn’t this just another big reason why the Democrats were trounced in the last election.

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