Janet Napolitano Says It’s My Way or the Highway

November/16/2010 16:37PM
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From day one Janet Napolitano has shown how ill prepared she is for the job she has. She left her job as governor of Arizona with the state in near bankruptcy. One of her first acts as Secretary of Homeland Security was to sic the dogs on Sheriff Joe. She has continued to harass the Maricopa County (Arizona) sheriff, Joe Arpaio for trying to enforce the laws she signed as governor regarding illegal aliens.

Next, she sent out the infamous letter telling every law enforcement office in America that a big threat to this country was returning vets from Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course, she didn’t use the term terrorist threat, since she never used that word in her confirmation hearings, she coined the term “man caused disasters”. She had to retract that letter saying it someone in her office who released the letter without running it by channels. After every veterans association in America called for her head.

Undaunted, she said they had a handle on the Detroit underwear bomber problem. Another retraction after Obama requested one.

She stopped the virtual fence after a billion dollars had been spent.

Now she’s got the foot in the mouth again over the TSA body scanners. Pilots, flight attendants, and travelers are rebelling over the scanners and the body pat downs. The guy in California who said ” if you touch my junk, I’m outta here” is a big story. Responding to the problem, Napolitano’s response is, “if you don’t like it use some other form of transportation.”

To Napolitano, illegal aliens have more rights than traveling American citizens.

Napolitano exemplifies better than anyone, except her president, how putting someone in a job who is woefully under qualified for the job is a big mistake. Her only claim to fame was her early endorsement of Obama for president.

Until Napolitano is gone, you will be sexually harassed and given doses of radiation if you want to fly in this country. Plus your junk will be exposed to TSA workers either visually or personally.

My guess is it won’t be long before media people will be going through the scanners with what could be a threat to prove they are subject to human error.

I’m all for airport security. I guess I’m not opposed to the scanners. I’m not going to let a TSA employee touch my junk, however. If that happens I might choose to create a scene. I’m not a prison inmate.

What I am opposed to is for an proven incompetent like Janet Napolitano still in her job and telling Americans to drive if you don’t like her security program. It is symbolic of the arrogance in the Obama administration.

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