It’s Almost Over

November/01/2010 16:14PM
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The most disgraceful political campaign in my lifetime is almost over. Millions of dollars spent telling the voters how bad the opponent is and all the little disgraces in their lifetime. Then an equally brutal salvo from the opponent.

I can’t recall one candidate who ran ads telling us what they plan to do to earn our vote. I’ve had to endure this in two states, Illinois and Arizona, since I’ve spent the last week in Arizona. The only candidate who didn’t run attack ads in either state was John McCain. But, he told the good people of Arizona all the great things he has done for them. Which is a bigger lie than most attack ads. McCain exemplifies all that is wrong with the Republican party. He would have done most of the things Obama has done if he had won the election.You don’t see a lot of Republican candidates begging John to come campaign for them. That speaks volumes.

The attack ads insult the American public. They say we won’t vote based on a candidate’s platform and promises. Maybe we know there are none we can trust. They say we cast our votes based on public image. We cast our votes based on a People Magazine mentality. We vote like we adore celebrities who have done nothing. Vote for Paris Hilton.

And they tell us a lot about the people running for office. None can think for themselves. They all follow the herd. If the herd runs attack ads, I must too. They tell us the candidates can’t design and produce an ad that will appeal to what they stand for and believe. Go back to an earlier blog about Morning in America again that Reagan ran and tell me that wasn’t a powerful ad.

The entire media, National and State has attacked Christine O’Donnell in Deleware. The attacks have been the epitome of brutality. They have called her a witch, a deadbeat, and accused her of an one-night stand affair that is undocumented. If I lived in Rhone Island, I would vote for Christine because she is a vote against Obama. Her opponent is an acknowledged Marxist. I wouldn’t care if Christine had a affair with a sheep. She’s not a candidate for the convent. She’s a candidate for the Senate. A place where people have disgraced that austere body for years. Driven women off bridges while drunk and been lionized. Who do we think those people are who are serving in Congress? Someone did research a few years ago and they have more DUI’s, bad checks, misdemeanors, ex-wives, and other issues than the general population. As Bill Buckley once said, “you could get a better Congress by using random names from a phone book.” He said Boston, but I draw the line there.

So all we get for months for all those millions spent is mud slinging. It’s our fault. Only we can stop it. Just like we are going to send a message this Tuesday, this is another message long overdue.

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