Energy Platform for the Tea Party

November/27/2010 16:37PM
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Here are my credentials. I spent 34 years in the oil business. I understand the energy business.

So far, the Tea Party has been mute on energy. We can’t continue to remain mute.

Here’s my simple platform. The United States needs to adopt natural gas as the energy of the future for transportation fuels. Why: it’s clean, it’s domestic, and it’s cheap. Need to know more. Do the math, one Mcuft of natural gas equates to 8 gallons of gasoline. Go to the Wall Street Journal and look at the price of gasoline and the price of Mcuft of natural gas. Multiply the price of gasoline by 8.

We can start by putting fleets on natural gas. Trucks(UPS), city buses, city vehicles, cabs, government vehicles, and anything that moves on diesel and fuels at a central fueling point.

If we can get these fleets converted we can cut imported oil by a significant amount.

We can go further to get the auto manufacturers to sell natural gas vehicles. You can buy a compressor to put in your garage for less than $3,000. You can fuel at night.

Retail gasoline outlets can put in a compressor for less than a new tank to sell 20% ethanol, like your DOE wants them to do to comply with the idiotic Bush law.

As T. Boone Pickens says when asked is it safe: do you cook with natural gas? Would you cook with gasoline?

Give me a reason why this is not practical?

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