Cap and Trade is Already in Place

November/08/2010 17:13PM
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If you think Cap and Tax is dead and languishing in the Senate, you aren’t paying attention.

Through regulation, the Obama team is implementing a version of Cap and Tax.

Just look at today’s news stories. The auto industry is upset that they are expected to produce an average MPG of 60 plus in 2025. It graduates up each year. The government and the unions destroyed the auto industry by messing with the cost structure and passing expensive regulations. Who is kidding who at 60 MPG average in 15 years. Who is trying to dictate what you will drive? Once, again, your choices and freedoms are at stake.

Tyson foods has partnered with some shyster company to produce oil from chicken grease. Big tax incentives to build the plant. But, the end -product will need much more subsidies. At double or triple the cost of today’s crude oil, Lot’s of help. A big test is underway to see if air force planes can fly on this stuff. Isn’t this cute. Give people a bunch of money to build a plant to produce oil from chicken fat, then find out what you already knew, the product is too costly. Then, subsidize the cost so it will sell. It’s ethanol all over again.

But, worst of all FERC is working on a deal to subsidize the cost of installing transmission lines to bring solar and wind to market. States like Michigan will pay through the nose for this under their present proposal. It’s a typical government dream that makes no sense from an economic standpoint or a fairness perspective. Basically, it’s socialization of the electric utility industry.

Meanwhile, all coal fired power plants are under attack from the EPA. Many will close because they can’t meet the new EPA standards. Standard that were not voted on in congress. Just decided by the EPA.

You see, in this administration, just as in Chicago politics, if you won’t go along with them, they will find a way around you.

The big broom that swept the country last Tuesday, has more sweeping to do. It’s not clean yet.

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