Are We Already a Socialist Nation?

November/20/2010 16:47PM
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Naperville, Illinois is having problems with the police department. They had a choice, cut jobs or cut pay. No other choice. Of course, if the truth were known, the city probably could have cut 50 jobs elsewhere that would have no impact on public safety. But, it’s always the police, fire, and schools, teachers, not administrators. The end result may be a strike.

The City of Chicago is in deep trouble with pensions. Teachers, police, fire, and public workers. Big pay raises and poor investment choices plus tapping the budget for other uses created the problem. Tough decisions need to be made. If they are made, there will be protests, strikes, or worse.

Cook county, the county that covers much of Chicago is in trouble. The country has the same problems as Naperville and Chicago. Big pay raises for public employees, pension plan shortfalls, and revenue shortages. Something must be done. Will it be pushed off the future, bailed out by Washington, or met with strikes and protests.

The state of Illinois is in trouble. Growing state jobs, raising pay, raising pensions, raising benefits, and other concessions to the unions has created a huge budget deficit. The man who runs the state, Michael Madigan, says no tax increases. The newly elected governor, Quinn is no Chris Christie. He’s doesn’t have the nerve to take the steps Christie has taken in New Jersey. In fact, he made a big concession to the unions in future pay and benefits to get elected.

The budget pressure builds at all levels. It builds in all states, not just Illinois.

Support for the public unions will come from non-public unions. If strikes and protests come will the reaction be like France, Greece, and the UK? Will there be violence in the streets.

The socialists in America will do everything they can do to use this to push violence and try to use social unrest to further their causes in this country.

Who will you president support, the strikers and socialists or the protesters who are demanding budget cuts?

All of the huge benefits given to public workers everywhere in the past 10 years will be painful to change. There will be protests, violence, strikes, and all that comes with that.

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