Your Money or Your Country

October/01/2010 16:34PM
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It occurred to me recently a number of upstarts and old guards are working very hard to upset the Obama movement. I paused to ponder which are sincere.

There’s Dick Morris. He’s minting money as a reformed Clintonite who found the conservative path. Do I believe Dick puts the good of the country first and Dick’s bank account second. Not for a minute. His reformation may have started from his deep-seated hatred of Hillary, but as it gained momentum, it became a fountain of wealth. Does Dick even care about the country, maybe, but it’s way down the list of caring for Dick.

Newt Gingrich is next. He’s even being considered a potential presidential candidate. Is it money or country with Newt. When something good comes along, Newt hops on it, ask his two ex-wives. Old Newt is dripping in sincerity. But, he’s in it for Newt, plain and simple. He’s worse than Dick Morris. Morris is just chasing the dollar, Newt may be chasing the dollar and the vote. He may really think he has a shot. But, if he doesn’t get the shot, don’t worry. Newt is raking in the dough from books and his speeches and website organization. Don’t count on Newt to do t he right thing for the country first and Newt second.

Carl Rove is minting money by presenting the evils of Obama. Is Carl a true patriot who is doing the right thing for the country and just picking up loose change along the way? Hell no. Carl thinks we all owe him for his loyal service to Bush. Getting Bush elected and keeping him from exposing his true stupidity was a big job for Carl. He didn’t get much for all that work. It’s payback time and he’s riding the Obama rage wave to the bank. Carl will be very sincere, very intelligent, and very knowledgeable about government, but Carl’s selling Carl right now.

Sarah Palin is feathering her nest better than any of them. No one will have a bigger net worth gain than Sarah. Except, of course, Al Gore, who blazed the trail on this art form. Sarah believes what she says and goes out there and helps people who think like her get votes. But, Sarah is on the gravy train and riding it all the way to the top. No, Sarah is not in it for America, sorry.

The Heritage Foundation? Nope, they are building a $10 million monument to themselves with your donations. A new lavish office near the heart of Washington. What do you think they pay themselves with your donations?

Mike Huckabee? Nope, he wants to replace Jay Leno. Play his guitar and strum his way into financial security.

Who does that leave. No one I can name as yet. Maybe Michele Bachman, maybe Chris Christie, maybe Glen Beck, or maybe someone we don’t recognize as yet.

Beck seems more sincere than most. He’s minting more money and may have reached a point where country means more than another incremental dollar. Bobby Jindal showed a lot during the BP spill. Took on Obama daily. Michele is the first to recognize the Republican Party needs to embrace the Tea Party. Christie is just doing his job.

But, measure each against the yardstick of money vs. country. If the sleaze factor is high, like Morris, back away. If you believe the person is true in their concern for our future move forward. There don’t seem to be many.

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