Why Americans Hate Politicians

October/30/2010 16:40PM
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Bill Clinton had put most of his sleaze behind him. He was fast becoming a former president with great respect. Then he tried to broker that deal with Sestak. Trying to get him to drop out of the primary so the favored candidate, the fellow sleaze ball, flipper, do anything, say anything to get elected, Arlen Specter, could win the primary.

Bill Clinton had the respect and the votes from the African American voters. He put his post-presidential office in Harlem. This was just too similar to the way Obama, Pelosi, and Reed shoved Obamacare through the Congress. Underhanded deals and promises to get votes. The stench of this follows Obamacare and won’t go away. So, Bill becomes the go to guy when backroom deals need to be done.

Bill has crossed the line with his efforts to get Kendrick Meek to drop out of the Florida senatorial race. Trying to get an African America to drop out for Charlie Crist, to give the Democrats a slim chance to beat Marco Rubio, a Latino. Nice work Bill and Barack. Where is the indignation from Jesse Jackson and Reverend Al? Pretty quiet isn’t it?

Americans, Democratic and Republican, are tired of this. Meek had campaigned long and hard. And, campaigned well. But, all of that meant nothing to Obama and Clinton. Bringing Chicago politics to Washington has become the norm with the Obama administration. Do you think for one moment that Jesse Jackson Jr.’s problems with the white waitress that went public at almost the same time Rahm Emanuel announced his decision to run for mayor of Chicago was coincidence? Jesse Jr. was going to be tough competition for Rahm. He took him out quickly.

Why would Clinton become the messenger for Obama? Pride has never been Quick Willy’s strong suit. His legacy as president was putting the blue dress behind him. Now, he finds a new way to taint his place in history.

Voters are tired of all this. Thank God Meek refused to take the bait. Some day we will find out what was offered to Meek to drop out. Meek is being a good team player and says in his conversation with Clinton, Bill did not directly ask him to drop out. Crist says it happened. Who is telling the truth? Meek now says he got a 5AM call on Monday from Charlie Crist. Charlie once again asked Meek to drop out.

Voter anger is turning into voter rage. As government hires more workers, pays government workers more money, approves generous raises for Congress, and finds more ways to spend money that get zero results while regular people are running out of unemployment benefits, savings, home equity, and other ways to put food on the table. That rage is not limited to Democrats. Republicans are going to be rented to see if they can do what needs to be done to show progress in fixing the root causes of the rage. But, it is unlikely they will do what they need to do to appease the public. So far, there is no indication they get the message. They will be on a short leash. Action must come quickly.

The timing couldn’t be worse for Clinton to pull this stunt. It feeds the rage. It shows the only motive for career politicians is to hold power. Not to fix what is driving the rage, but to keep the people in place that are doing their best to keep doing what is driving the rage.

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