Seniors Must Vote

October/24/2010 16:34PM
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Make sure your parents, grandparents, and your friends, if you are a senior, get out to vote. No one has more to lose in this election than this group. As a senior and grandparent, I started this blog over three years ago. My initial blog, GrandparentsofAmericaawaken is still available. If you have time, go there. Many of the early concerns in that blog are now reality today. I was concerned that my kids and grand kids would be the first generations to have lower standards of living than their parents. The American Dream was becoming an American Nightmare.

What I didn’t see was what could and has happened to our generation.

First we lost a big chunk of our 401K’s. Then we lost equity in our houses. Now, with Obamacare we will lose our health insurance. Sure we will have Medicare, but it won’t be Medicare as we have known Medicare. We will pay a terrible price to insure the uninsured. We were double crossed by the AARP. They sold us out for their liberal ideology. For Obama.

Not done with we seniors, Obama, Pelosi, and Reed are going to take another lick at us with the Bush tax cuts. They plan to let them expire. After the election, they have little to lose. Even if they put in some compromise, there is no discussion about the tax rates on dividends and capital gains. Obama likes to say these are breaks for the rich. Really, President Obama, let me enlighten you on that bunk.

A study by the Tax Foundation found that seniors over the age of 65 earn the most from dividends and capital gains. Those numbers are $77 billion in dividends and more than $150 billion in capital gains. Seniors worked their entire lives and saved to invest what is left from the market crash in hopes they can get enough in dividend income and reinvestment of capital gains, or sales of stock with gains, to pay bills to supplement their social security.If dividend and capital gain taxes revert to prior levels Seniors will take a big hit. Those with $25,000 in income from interest and dividends would see taxes go up by $2,000 a year. With less disposable income, Seniors will spend less and the businesses that serve them will suffer.

Redistribution of income means your income under Obama and his friends. You pay your mortgage, or paid off your mortgage, so he can let people who couldn’t afford a house stay in that house rent free for as much as three years, maybe longer with the foreclosure fiasco. Your tax dollars go to keep Freddie and Fannie and the FHA afloat while these people pay nothing and the house doesn’t get sold to help these institutions recoup their losses.

Basically, you as a senior, are pond scum. We are considered of no value to the Democrats. We are not a union member, a food stamp user, a gullible college student, an illegal immigrant, or any of those favored groups who give millions to the Democratic Party and vote a straight Democratic ticket. We live all over the country. We have not been terribly political. We don’t vote as a block.

If you know any senior who isn’t planning to vote make sure they read this and vote. It’s time we made a difference.

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