Obamacare Was One Big Lie

October/09/2010 16:45PM
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It’s tough to respect a pitchman who knowingly sells a defective product. He can’t sell the product with fact, so he just lies about the product. No problem, make the sale and move on.

That may work for the door to door guy who never comes back. But, it’s tough for the President of the US to get away with that. When your favorite part of the job is appearing on camera, you are there a lot. When you’ve got a product that most people don’t want to buy, you have to put a dress on a pig.

In this case the brand of the product is your name. Obamacare. No one calls it Health Care Reform anymore, it’s Obamacare.

The product was designed by a cast of minor bureaucrats and stitched together in a hurry. The CEO(Obama) wanted it done and off to market now. No quality testing. The CEO never looked at the product. He just hawked it to the market. The board of directors(Congress) never looked at the product they just approved going forward with the thing based on the CEO’s recommendation.

The people who were supposed to like the product are revolting. Many board members willl be voted off the board on November 3. Mainly because they supported the product. The public is upset with the CEO as his misrepresentations of the product become obvious. Were the misrepresentations blatant lies or did the CEO just read a script? Either way it doesn’t reflect well on him.

To date there are 114,000 waiver requests from different companies and political entities who say they can’t comply with the demands of the product. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Many are unions who will get their waivers rubber stamped.

The insurance companies who are supposed to deliver the product say it will cost a lot more to deliver. The Health Secretary says, baloney, eat the excess cost. Corporations and small businesses see this as an opportunity to get out of the insurance business. Just tell the employees to buy from the government. Give them the prior cost of the insurance in the paycheck and let them buy through the exchange.

The Big Salesman said too many times to count, “let me make this clear, if you like your present insurance, you can keep it”, how do you keep it if your employer cuts you loose? And, remember this one” if you like your present doctor, you can stay with him”. How do you stay with him if you have to go through the government for your insurance and the government tells you which doctors you can choose?

Obamacare is one giant dog’s breakfast put together by fools working against an impossible time line, passed by bigger fools who will be voted out of office for doing it, and sold by the biggest fool, a puppet who just reads the script.

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