Obama Flops on Comedy Central

October/29/2010 16:08PM
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Jon Stewart devoted his entire Comedy Central show to one guest, President Obama. Stewart found what the rest of the country already knew, President Obama is not funny. Defending his pending loss of Congress by blasting the usual suspects, Republicans, Bush, stupid Americans, and the rest, got few laughs. It’s getting really tiresome. Evidently, even to the far left Steward audience. They were laughing at you, you were the joke. Imagine, the President of the United States is the joke.

If you think Obama isn’t funny now, wait for the next two years. With an unfriendly Congress, and a Democratic party that clearly sees him as a liability, he will be a bowl of laughs. A man who can’t take criticism, and sees himself as above every mistake, will find himself in the cross hairs of a lot of flak. Without the evil Emanuel to watch his back.

Watching a Republican Congress trying to undo everything he has done will not make Obama’s sense of humor, if he has any, improve. Getting stern lectures from the heads of the Democratic Party about not inflicting any more damage on the party will not be full of chuckles. Remember the last election bloodbath when the Democrats took Congress midway in W’s last term. The party leaders went to the White House and made W fire Rumsfeld the next day. Who will they make Obama fire? Holder? 28 Socialist Czars? Geithner?

You see, as you and Stewart found, the laughs are over for you Mr. President. More and more comics and making you the brunt of laughs. Your two year protection is up. We will get lots of laughs at your expense the next two years. Remember Jimmy Carter and the attack rabbit? Stewart even called Obama, Dude. That got a lot of laughs.

You are totally incapable of connecting to the America public. You don’t like this country as it is, and this country isn’t going to change for you. So, the country is beginning to not like you as you are. If you are smart you will get the message. But, it seems you are both stubborn, and so egotistical, you are incapable of change. Good. You will take yourself, your politics, and a few more Democrats down between now and 2012. America is mad and we don’t like you lecturing us on our anger and relating it to ignorance. When America is mad, you going on Comedy Central is a bad idea. Like Icarus, you have flown too close to the sun. You are damaged goods and getting more damaged every day. Your fellow Democrats don’t want your help campaigning any more. You only true talent, wasted.

Maybe Letterman will have you on again. His ratings, like yours are dropping fast. The real America is tired of both of you. Try France. They still like Jerry Lewis over there.

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