Illinois-Land of Obama

October/14/2010 16:47PM
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Illinois gave America Obama. America is growing weary of Obama. Perhaps we should have done more research on Obama before we bought the hope crap. Obama wants to make America like Illinois.

Illinois has been run be Democrats for years and years. A corrupt machine run by Michael Madigan makes all the decisions. Obama got the Madigan blessing.

Here’s what Madigan and his friends( including Obama) have done for Illinois.

From the Chicago Tribune, a paper that endorsed Obama, the report card for the state:

Ranked 46th in best climate for business.
Ranked 48th in job creation
Ranked 18th in education spending
Ranked 38th in education performance
Ranked 9th in unemployment
Ranked 38th in total economic performance
Ranked 5th in high workers’ compensation costs
Ranked 1st in number of local governments
Ranked 50th in funding public pensions

Does this want to make you move to the Land of Obama?

Basically, nothing is going right in Illinois. The state is going broke and doing nothing to stop the end result. Why would businesses come to Illinois? Yet, the state needs 600,000 new jobs to get to break even with where the state was 10 years ago.

Obama and his supporters have destroyed the state. Honest Abe must be spinning in his grave. The state government workers’ pension fund is broke. The man who was treasurer during the worst of this is running for the senate. The last governor is standing trial for trying to sell the Obama senate seat. His predecessor is in jail.

What will it take to fix Illinois? Will being the first state in history to file bankruptcy do it? Will 20% unemployment do it? Will defaulting on pensions do it?

Like a substance abuser, Illinois has not hit bottom yet. The people of Illinois are still mostly in denial. Chasing such lofty goals as hosting an Olympics here is easier than fixing the problems. Many of the candidates standing for election still tout spending as the solution for Illinois.

Unless the rest of America wakes up, Obama wants to do for you what he and his friends have done to Illinois. Is this what you “Hope” will happen?

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