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October/16/2010 16:13PM
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Today, the organization that is the most effective in trying to get liberal Democrats out of office is the Chamber of Commerce. The White House has targeted them for using foreign money to support candidates. If the President of the United States targets you, you must be significant. This President has a daily target or two. He’s the first president in my lifetime who behaves like a petulant child with a different bully every day. It’s been Bush, Wall Street, Fat Cat bankers, Fox News, Americans clutching bibles and guns, and on and on. So many I’ve lost track. His enemies list must be much longer than Nixon’s by now. This week it was the Chanber of Commerce.

I remember growing up that every retail business in my town had a Member of the Chamber of Commerce sticker in their window. McCarthy was fighting Communists then. We we have a president who wants to make us Communists and he is fighting the Chamber of Commerce.

I just sent $100 to the Chamber of Commerce to keep irritating the Democrats. When I send money to Michael Steele, he irritates me by calling 20 times a week for more money. When I send money to the Republican Senatorial Committee, they send me registered letters asking for more. Seems most of the efforts the Republican Party is involved in, is brain dead. They still don’t realize they are not becoming the party of choice in this election, just the lesser of two evils.

When there is an authentic third party in this country, the Republican Party will be the insignificant party. It wasn’t that long ago that most of us thought Bush had destroyed the Republican brand. Only Obama could fix that damage. Still, the lame pledge the party made to us tells us they are Obama lite.

If the biggest threat to Democrats is the Chamber of Commerce, then I’m the Chamber’s best friend.

Want to make a contribution between now and the election and see it spent in an effective way, go to:

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