Chris Christie Snubs Glen Beck

October/07/2010 16:52PM
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Glen Beck is up in arms that Chris Christie may not take him seriously enough to appear on the Glen Beck show. Glen is a big supporter of Christie. He seems to think that ,in itself, is enough to make Christie a big supporter of Beck. He posts this interview on his web site to show Christie’s snub.

Well, Glen, while you can gather 500,000 people on the National Mall and move your show to number two behind O’Reilly, it doesn’t mean everyone buys what you are selling.  Plus, while you seem to be able to have a radio show, a TV show, write a book every 6 months, read a book a day(per you) travel, and be the perfect family man, some of us can’t multi-task to that extent. Christie seems to be very focused on the business of fixing New Jersey.

We have a president who can campaign  non-stop, pander to the media, and appear on the View and Letterman, New Jersey has a governor who seems to be taking on the unions, cutting spending, doing the business of managing the state and ignoring the media and even the mighty Glen Beck. What would you discuss with Mr. Christie, Mr. Beck? God?, your new favorite subject. The Founding Fathers?, you next favorite topic. The Constitution? Third in your priority list. While all of these may be important to Governor Christie, he has more pressing matters that appearing on your show with your smirking image. You and Christie couldn’t be further apart in real life. You cry and he rolls up his sleeves and goes to work on tough problems. You point out the foibles of all politicians, he is trying to fix the problems that those imperfect predecessor of his foisted on New Jersey. 

You two couldn’t be further apart. He is a serious man with a big job. You are a clown with a clown’s job. We are well suited for your circus. He is not.

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