Beheading in Chandler Arizona

October/31/2010 16:02PM
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Has the Mexican drug war moved accross the border into Arizona? A man was beheaded in Chandler, Arizona, an upscale suburb of Phoenix. The man beheaded was a Mexican National. The suspected killers were Mexican Nationals. Police beleive they are back in Mexico.

Next week, the 9th Circuit of Appeals will hear the case of Arizona bill 1070. The infamous bill to allow police in Arizona to protect the citizens of Arizona from Mexican drug lords, criminals, freeloaders, and all that comes with illegal immigrations in large numbers. The Ninth Circuit, in San Francisco, will certainly find with the Judge in Arizona, who found the bill unconstitutional. The Supreme Court, as it has been, generally overrules most findings from the Ninth Circuit.

If you don’t live in Arizona, you can’t relate to what is happening in Arizona. But, if people were being beheaded in your cozy little suburb elsewhere in the US, you might find a sudden interest in a bill like AZ 1070. You might want Mexican Drug Lords shipped back home.

This is the tip of the iceberg. There will be more violence in Arizona. It will escalate just as it is in Mexico.

Political correctness is wonderful, but at some point reality must be recognized. Muslims did fly planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Muslims do hate America. Muslims did put those packages on the cargo planes. Mexico has a problem with drug lords taking over their country. Illegals in America do committ more than their share of crimes, expecially in Arizona. Illegals do siphon off public funds. Public funds that are becomming scarcer.

A court in Arizona just ruled that it is not legal for polling places in Arizona to require proof of citizenship for voter registeration. Are we crazy? Not all of us. Just the Democrats who want the illegal votes. Just the courts that support the Democrats who want the illegal votes. The rest of us don’t want illegals voting. Nor, do we want the illegals here.

If we want the problems like this resolved, we, meaning the majority of Americans, we must purge the country of the politicians who support the courts and the laws that we don’t want.

Next Tuesday will be the start of that.

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