The Tea Party and the Republican Party

September/18/2010 16:18PM
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The Tea Party is not here to support the Republican Party, it’s here to take over the Republican Party.

George W. Bush had as much to do with the formation of the Tea Party as Obama. Bush sold out the principals of the Republican Party. He was like John McCain, Liberal Lite. He grew government, he increased spending, he folded like a cheap shirt on TARP.

We true Tea Party supporters dislike most politicians. We despise Obama. If any candidate does not support smaller government, less spending, less involvement in our lives, more freedom, less regulation, less taxes, less green energy baloney, repealing Obamacare, and eradication of the nanny state, you don’t get support. Regardless of the party you purport you represent.

We want new blood. We want candidates who will do what they said they would do if they are elected. Obama pulled the wool over the country’s eyes. It will be hard to do again.

The platform is simple. But, it doesn’t fit a lot of Republicans, in office, and aspiring to be in office. If you don’t get it, study Chris Christie. He is doing what he said he would do. Dismantling government in New Jersey. Going after the unions. Cutting the size of government. Cutting taxes. Keeping campaign promises. He is indifferent to the media, the unions, the teachers, and the other detractors the Tea Party recognizes as natural enemies. He has courage and speaks plainly. He can say in 10 words what it takes Obama 10 minutes to say and when he’s done you understand what he says.

You remember when the Tea Party had the first big protest on April 15, 2009 and Obama didn’t notice. Do you think he notices now? Do you think he will notice in 2011 when he announces he won’t run for a second term?

It’s a big movement and getting bigger. But, no Republican gets an endorsement by party choice. Most need to be weeded out as well. I saw Dennis Hastert interviewed about the Tea Party. I have news for you Dennis. If you were running today you would not get an endorsement. You epitomize what’s wrong with good old boy Republicans. You had no position on anything except gaining personal wealth through your position. We’re damned glad you are gone and many of your cronies with you, including George W. Bush.

The Republican Party choice that lost the senate primary in Deleware, Castle, looked like he was being led around by his wife on a leash. He voted for cap and trade. The best the party could produce was a senile old fart who was basically a liberal. Of course, this is the party led by Micahel Steele.

We don’t care what school a candidate attended. We don’t care what he or she did for a living, except lawyer might be a negative. We don’t care what you look like or how well you follow political correctness. We just care that you are pledged to our platform and that we can trust you to be like Chris Christie.

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