Tax Breaks for the Wealthiest Americans

September/26/2010 15:17PM
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The Obama administration presents the tax break for the very rich as if it were the best use for the money of the very rich. It’s like a penalty for being very rich. It proves Obama believes the government deserves their money.

If the very rich gives the money to Obama, what does he do with that money. Based on his 18 months in office, he wastes it.

If the very rich don’t give that money to Obama, what do they do with it? Spend it or invest it. If they spend it, it creates jobs. Jobs Obama is unable to create with wasted spending. Want to see how the Obama agenda works, look at Detroit. Tax money has poured into Detroit for decades. Detroit is slowly disappearing. Just like America will with the Obama project.

If the very rich invest the money, what happens? Corporations get capital to expand. Expansion creates new jobs.

Who would you rather see get the money of the very rich? Obama, corporations, or those who sell goods and services to the very rich?

The next time you hear Obama pontificate about tax breaks for the very rich, think about this. You really want to see less corporate investment, less spending, fewer jobs, bigger government, more government waste and a poorer nation. those are really the choices.

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