Suing Arizona

September/07/2010 16:35PM
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The DOJ is spending a lot of time and taxpayer money pursuing lawsuits in Arizona.

They challenged Arizona bill 1070, the infamous immigration act that mirrored the Federal Immigration Law. That’s moved on to the court of appeals and will eventually end with the Supreme Court hearing the case. After, at least, 20 more states pass a similar bill.

The DOJ is suing Sheriff Joe for withholding documents. They accuse him or racial profiling. Despite ICE investigating him in 2009 and finding no wrongdoing.

Now the DOJ is after the Maricopa County Community Colleges in Arizona. What did they do? They had the audacity to ask prospective employees for a green card. The absolute shame of it.

Of course, if you are found to have hired an illegal immigrant, you must pay a $3,000 fine. But, you can’t ask for more or different documents than are needed to prove a noncitizen’s legal status. Read that last sentence again. Does it make sense?

Basically, your government wants you ,as an employer, to guess the legality of a prospective employee. But, if you guess wrong, you owe your government $3,000 for each wrong guess.

The suit says a driver’s license and a social security card is it. I can probably get those documents on the black market in 3 hours for $100.

The Obama administration has the state of Arizona in it’s cross hairs. The state has embarrassed them and they are going to pay for doing that. Small businesses in Arizona will hire no one who even resembles an illegal immigrant. They can’t document their legality and are subject to financial penalty, so why risk the gamble.

You wonder why unemployment is 9.6% under Obama. The president and his minions do everything they can possibly do to keep it high. Their anti-business regulations discourage hiring. The uncertainty of what they may do next keeps business from expanding.

When you have a litigious trigger-happy DOJ that will go after anyone who doesn’t toe the liberal party line, you get a business environment that just hunkers down. Hunkers down and waits. Waits until Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are gone. Durbin, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, the tsars, the blatant socialists inside the Obama circle, and all the rest. Gone.

Only then, can business get back to expanding, investing, hiring, and growing. Free of specious lawsuits that challenge common sense.

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