Remember Indy Mac Bank?

September/02/2010 16:06PM
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IndyMac Bank was one of the first bank failures as the housing bubble burst. They had been handing out mortages to anyone who could fog a mirror. Have you ever wondered what happened to the bank? How does the FDIC find a buyer for a turkey like this bank? What happens to all those bad loans?

Here’s a recap of an article that appeared in the LA Times when Indy folded. It’s followed by a video expaining what happened to the bank and how the bank that took over Indy is doing and how they handle those bad loans. 
Federal regulators seize crippled IndyMac Bank

A run on the Pasadena thrift ends in one of the biggest financial failures ever. Doors will reopen Monday.

July 12, 2008|Kathy M. Kristof and Andrea Chang, Times Staff Writers
The federal government took control of Pasadena-based IndyMac Bank on Friday in what regulators called the second-largest bank failure in U.S. history.

Citing a massive run on deposits, regulators shut its main branch three hours early, leaving customers stunned and upset. One woman leaned on the locked doors, pleading with an employee inside: “Please, please, I want to take out a portion.” All she could do was read a two-page notice taped to the door

How  does this make you feel about your government and how they use your tax dollars and their methods for fixing the housing crisis?

Want to see the human carnage your government is endorsing through the successor bank, One West? This is a complaint filed with Pissed Off Consumer. Read on:

Indy Mac forclosure

INDYMAC BANK Complaint by Suzyqaliveandwell

You were reading a complaint about INDYMAC BANK.

Filing a new complaint about

I have an all to familiar story it seems. One west bank purchased my loan from first federal bank in nov. 2009. I got behind in my payments in 10/09 and first fed. worked with me on payments. Their plan was to double my payments for 3 months. my payments were 4,000, which i was able to keep up the first 2 months. I had a chain of events last year that has lead to the demise of my credit . Had my marriage anulled, a $30,000 identity theft case, my brother-in-law commited suicide, my daughter had a premature baby ect. I’m a nurse and the facility i worked for were commiting serious violations to patients where patients actually died. i had to file a complaint with the state and resigned due to “whistle blowing”. The administrator was fired. I am now on unemployment and having a hard time getting work. In 4/10 I received a letter from first fed threatening forclosure.I went thru NeighborWorks to help me with a forbearance. After the call i recieved a certified letter from first fed with a forclosure filing date to auction my home. at my f/u appt with neighborworks we did a speakerphone call to first fed and spoke with a Rebeka Bruno who said she was a one west employee. she approved me for the hamp program over the phone. she said due to the transition of banks it would take longer then usual to modify my loan. she gave me the routing number and set payments for 3 months. she said after my last payment which was 7/1 she would mail me a modification packet. she also said since i was approved for the hamp program the forclosure would be stopped. On 7/3 note was taped to my door stating my house would be auctioned off on 7/27. when i tried to reach rebekah the phone # was disconnected . I called one west and they said they didn’t have an employee in the directory by that name. they said first fed approved me for the hamp program not them and basically tuff luck. they told me the forclosure was extended for 30 days to 8/30. i asked for something in writing. what i got was a certified letter statng my home would be auctioned off on 7/27. I then recieved my payment back from 6/1. they kept my 5/1 payment. a week later i recieved a packet for a modification dated 6/15. then i recieved my 7/1 payment back. i consulted a laywer for bankruptcy. i don’t qualify for chapter 12 due to my income. My house was built in 1926 by my great-randparents so this is a very emotional issue. my house is a duplex and my renter is the one who received the taped letter on the door. he freaked and moved out and now i lost that income. my daughter and her 3 kids including the one that was premature who was in and out of the hospital until feb. of this year with respiratory problems, is living in the appartment downstairs. My daughter is now able to return to work. daycare centers would’nt accept the baby due to her health problems. My daughter and her children will be homeless if this house is forclosed on. How can one west claim they don’t have to accept the hamp program stating it was first fed who approved it but yet use their 4/10 filing date for a forclosure. Remember she was on speaker phone with neighborworks so i have proof of the conversation. I have an appt today with them to see if they can help in any way. although i only have 5 days until my home is auctioned. Its sickening what this bank is doing to people and shame on our government for giving these banks kickbacks for forclosing on people. The bank has no reason to help me. it doesn’t benifit them in any way. Quite the contrary. My grandchildren are the 6th generation in this house and its going to be sold for next to nothing like its a piece of garbage. In the 8 years i owned this home i never missed a payment. Its sickening

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