Obama’s Good Works

September/03/2010 16:12PM
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President Obama has done some very good work in his short 18 months in office. I’ll miss a few, but here are my highlights.

You awakened the states by trying to cut them out of the political process. The evidence is the 20 states that plan to enact an Arizona immigration law and dare you to sue them all.

You showed us a Commander and Chief must gain the trust of the troops. Your approval rating of 30% with the military shows you have the title, but not the respect.

His inability to close Gitmo has saved taxpayers several million dollars. Refurbishing a prison in Illinois to satisfy a bogus campaign promise to appease the far left loonies would be just another waste of money. A talent of Obama and his administration, wasting taxpayer dollars.

He created the Tea Party movement in just 3 months in office. Even Jimmy Carter couldn’t do that. Truly amazing.

He will create a $4 trillion deficit by the end of next year. No other president has even come close.

He has socialized medicine. Even Hillary failed at that. Like Obama himself, it is coming unwound. Since no one ever read it, the results are becoming apparent as they are hitting the street. It will be repealed or severely amended but it will insure Obama doesn’t get a second term, even if he wanted one.

He has energized the silent majority. They are becoming far less silent, as the Glen Beck rally demonstrated. Most of those who attended have never been active in politics.

He has guaranteed the Democrats will lose the House and maybe the Senate in November. He has brought about the end of Reid and Pelosi.

He has created a process that will weed out the Republicans who are closet liberals. He got a Republican Senator in Massachusetts.

No progressive posing as a moderate will ever fool the public again.

By trying to take away our freedom, he has shown us we need to be more vigilant in protecting our freedom.

He has shown us how fast Big Government and spending can grow unabated with a socialist at the helm.

We will never be impressed by a politician who can read the teleprompter again. We are all sick of watching him do it already. He looks like a man trying to read two eye charts simultaneously.

We will not discount a candidate’s wife who says, “for the first time, I’m proud of my country.” We will know her spouse hates this country and will go around the world apologizing for America. The next president will need to go around the world apologizing for Obama.

We know now, we don’t want America remade. We see what that means. We want leaders that will undo what the progressives and their judges have done for the past 50 years.

Thank you , Mr. President, for all your good works. You have awakened this country and stopped the slow erosive decline into European Socialism.

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