Obama is Just Inept

September/09/2010 16:27PM
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A favorite pastime today is to analyze President Obama. You hear words like megalomaniac, narcissist, egomaniac,duplicitous, socialist, progressive, detached, unhappy, and others too numerous to mention.

My choice is just inept.

Who else could take the equivalent of a million dollar education and turn it into a community organizer job? Who else would surround himself with fools? Even Bush had Cheney as his puppet master.

What is it with the people who go to all the right schools? Most of them end up like Obama, inept.

In a nation that was once known as the can do country, we now have a president who is a can’t do man. He can’t do anything. Can’t close Gitmo. Can’t grasp the tone of the country and continues to do big things that go against the grain of the public. His only solution for every problem is spend more. This week it’s $50 billion for highways. Next week it’s tax cuts for small business, followed by bigger tax increases for those same small businesses when he let’s the Bush tax cuts expire in January. After he scattered $800 billion in the wind in the first stimulus package, why would he think anyone would buy a second?

Ever supervise a person who went to all the right schools? I’ve had one or two too many. They all suffer from the same issues. They go into the real world believing their ticket is punched. They proved their value in ivy covered walls. They, or someone paid, thousands to get that ticket punched. Now, it’s all downhill with the wind at their back.

Funny in the real world there is expectations too. You get graded on how you perform. Most of them don’t or can’t. Far too many are inept, just like Obama. Take the sheepskin away and they can’t compete with the guy or girl from Slippery Rock. Guess that’s why there are few ivy leaguers in the NFL.

Peel back the onion and America should be ashamed that we put an inept person in high office. Someone needs to go around the world an apologize for our president.

He is no more or less inept that most of the politicians in Washington, just average. But, it may be OK for Joe Schmoo, Congressman from Kokomo to be inept, but we need less ineptitude at the top of the house. Plus, after the November elections, Joe Schmoo will be going back to Kokomo and we’ll still be saddled with Obama.

No one has ever done more damage to this country than our inept president has in a mere 20 months. We must a better process for screening out ineptitude in candidates.

We can’t afford another Obama.

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