Limbo Contest for Dwarfs

September/12/2010 22:46PM
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In the business or sports worlds, you set the bar to get performance. People need goals and objectives to measure performance. Accomplishment, and the benefits of same, come from going higher than the bar.

America has always been a country of high-achievers. We have set the bar for the rest of the world. The rest of the world hasn’t been able to get over the bar we clear.

Something has changed in America. We are seeing how low we can set the bar. As China keeps raising their bar, we keep lowering ours

We have made it impossible to gain traction toward progress here. Want an example, we passed the ninth year anniversary of September 11th. Little progress has been made to build anything on the sight. You see, there are no real leaders today. We have gone too far with consensus, just as we have with diversity and political correctness. If one person, a small group, a special interest group, or anyone with a thought objects to something, it stops. Lawsuits are filed. Progress comes to a standstill.

Eisenhower built most of the interstate highway system in a few years. Today, you can’t built a mile without a legal battle. Obama says he wants another $50 billion to renovate our infrastructure. It will help unemployment. Sure it will, for the lawyers who fill injunctions to stop every project because someone has an objection.

We are paralyzed, bound up in our undies in this country. We keep setting the bar lower in education and get what we expect. We throw money at the problem and it gets worse. New York state spends the most per student on education and never gets in the top twenty five on test scores. Move the bar down.

In almost every critical area of importance to make this once great country great again, we keep accepting a lower and lower bar. At one time, we had the bar so high, Shaq could walk under it. Today, I’m not sure a dwarf could limbo under our bar.

Where you put the bar defines what you want to be. It’s time to raise the bar in America.

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